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No-win scenario for the incumbent

- JIM HARRIS Conservati­ve Corner

It is an election year and, as it always happens, those involved are playing the blame game because the world isn’t perfect -- therefore it’s the fault of the people elected to power last election.

Democrats are viciously attacking President Trump and blaming him for the deaths from the COVID-19 virus.

On Jan. 30, the World Health Organizati­on declared a public health emergency of internatio­nal concern over the coronaviru­s outbreak in China where it started.

On Jan. 31, the Trump administra­tion announced the United States would temporaril­y ban the admission of people who were in China 14 days prior to their attempted travel to the United States because of this virus.

Democrats opposed Trump’s stopping flights from China. At the time, the left-wing party — including Joe Biden — called Trump a racist and xenophobic for restrictin­g entry from China.

President Donald Trump says he went against Democrats’ wishes when he decided to restrict travel from China to curb the spread of the coronaviru­s in the United States. Because he did that, thousands of lives were saved.

Now, as the 2020 election nears, Democrats have changed their minds and are saying Trump should have acted faster.

No matter what Trump does, the Democrats and their legion of allies in the national news media say he is always wrong.

The United States is not the only country where the blame game is being played in politics. In Israel, the blame game is being played by many sides.

The Muslim news outlet, Al Jazeera, is a major global news organizati­on. It recently ran an opinion piece that claimed the COVID-19 deaths of the Palestinia­ns population is the fault of Israel’s government.

When Israel became a nation in 1948, its Arab neighbors quickly invaded the new nation. When Israel came into being, it did not kick the Muslims living within its borders out.

Those Muslims were quietly warned about the attack on Israel and they slipped out of the country with the expectatio­n that they would return to their homes after the invasion.

Israel was invaded, but instead of being pushed into the Mediterran­ean Sea, the new nation beat its neighbors in battle.

The Muslims who had planned to return after that brief battle were not allowed back in.

None of Israel’s Muslim neighborin­g countries would take them in to live in their countries. These still-homeless refugees are today known as Palestinia­ns.

The Al Jazeera opinion piece blamed COVID-19 deaths of these stateless people on Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by claiming Israel would be happy if the Palestinia­ns all died from the virus.

Meanwhile, a conservati­ve member of Israel’s Knesset (the name for Israel’s parliament) launched a verbal attack on Netanyahu.

He said the Prime Minister had prevented tourists from entering the country and closed down businesses to prevent the spread of the virus. This action is killing people because it prevents them from earning a living.

“You are killing them! You are killing them!” Member of the Knesset Naftali Bennett said during a recent speech.

“I just came from a tour of stores in Jerusalem. A guy named A., owner of a Judaica store -- he is done. A 75-year-old man that was living off this income, paying his rent from this, buying bread from it. He’s done!” he added.

The man’s business and ability to earn a living had been destroyed by the shutdown of the Israeli economy. Bennett blames Netanyahu for not moving faster to get Israel’s economy moving.

Netanyahu is taking a gradual reopening of the economy position while beseeching the public to wash hands, wear masks and engage in social distancing.

The political left of Israel thinks Netanyahu is moving too fast and accuses him of not caring about people dying. It sounds like the left in the United States and Israel must hire the same person to write their talking points.

Both Trump and Netanyahu are facing the downside of being in office when there is a pandemic. Whatever action you take is not enough or is too much.

The side out of office always says the person in office, no matter what the course of action is taken, is always wrong.

No elected official should try to make policy to make his or her political enemies happy. They should decide what to do that is in the best interest of the people who elected them.

Anything else is a no-win scenario for the incumbent.

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