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- by Dennis Patton To submit poems for publicatio­n, please send poems of 16 or fewer lines to Dennis Patton, 2512 Springhill Circle, Alexander, AR 72002, or


The little boy named

Shane had many toys and games

He had one toy that he seldom put down

It was a toy called Bozo the Clown.

He slept with Bozo every night

If you tried to take Bozo, you’d have a fight.

Shane took Bozo everywhere he’d go

Did Bozo go “potty”? You know.

Little Shane would not sleep without his clown

But one night, Bozo could not be found.

Shane was sad and started to weep

And after a while he fell asleep.

Mommy kept searching the whole night through She didn’t want Shane’s heart broken in two.

When he awoke, he saw his clown Bozo.

“I love you so much,” he said with a grin.

But not as much as Mommy loves him.

— Jeanette Heffington Benton


No matter where my path may go,

No matter how dark the night,

I will sing and praise the Lord

Because He is my light. When my way is dark

And I cannot see

I will reach out for this hand That He is reaching to me.

— Raye Carroll Benton


The caregiver we hired for Mother

Is pleasant, helpful, and kind…

She likes Mother and Mother likes her.

This we thought we would never find.

She reminded my brother of a little squirrel

Skittering from one thing to another

Folding clothes, mopping, sweeping

Or preparing a meal for Mother

She’s doing all those things for her

That I just didn’t have time to do.

So now when I go to see Mother

It’s because I want to, not have to.

Reba always says, “Oh, just one more thing”

Every time I get up to go. So guess what she reminds me of—

Yep, I call her Lieutenant Columbo!”

— Becky Townsend Benton


The sun goes up The sun goes down I look at it

It’s always round

The moon goes up The moon goes down It can do this

Without a sound

Stars can twinkle

And then be gone Then they come back Before too long

Thinking of this Is what I do

I’m half crazy How about you?

— Milan Allinson Deceased


“I See You!”

Passing through the house, I spot in the shady yard the V-shaped ears of resident rabbit.

— Pat Laster Benton


Great teacher flower lover Awesome cook fantastic christian Delightful person Marvelous at caring Amazing listener

I love you, Grandma!

—Lily Pruss Benton

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