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- by Dennis Patton


We gathered on that day for our parade Aligned in front of stores four deep on Main

Sidewalks. Kids held up signs that they had made

Of red and white and blue and some were plain,

But they were ways to show what freedom meant

To them. We talked until the flag came by And down the block a movement with a hint

About this day revealed itself. My eye

Was drawn to flags held by a chair-bound man

Who lost his legs in war. He rose, one knee

Wedged him up high enough while tears that ran

Down both his cheeks showed great humility.

But still, he smiled as though the world were good:

And through my tears, I smiled, I understood.

— Dennis Patton Alexander


They left their footprints in the sand

That time could not erase,

And in their hearts where freedom dwelt They found their truth and grace.

For they had learned from God’s own Word

That truth will set you free,

And they determined to create

A land of liberty.

Then from their hearts and through their minds

The principles were laid,

And from the seeds of that idea A call to freedom made America, America

Our Freedom Bells still ring America, America

Put songs in hearts to sing.

— Don Crowson Deceased


With cracker booms and sparklers lighting sky

We celebrate our Freedom in July. As British fired, America was born

And struggled to survive the wounds of war.

In worn-out shoes, their battle banners torn,

Our Fathers fought for land worth fighting for.

We celebrate our Freedom in July

With cracker booms and sparklers lighting sky.

— Kitty Yeager Conroe, Texas


On every Independen­ce Day Night fireworks light the sky And fading flashes seem to say, Goodnight, Fourth of July.

— Howard Nobles Deceased


With each heartbeat the bugle call echoes Like distant thunder in an autumn storm, I wondered how to lift this heavy load

From one who prayed to keep her son from harm.

No one in Baghdad cared about her grief Except his buddies who had seen him die. They know a soldier’s life can be too brief. Boys cried men’s tears and told their friend goodbye.

A broken-hearted mother heard the notes Of Taps and lifted up her tear-stained face Rememberin­g the “be home soon” he wrote,

She bowed her head to plead for heaven’s grace.

She hugged the folded flag a soldier gave

While Taps and tears fell on a hero’s grave.

— Faye Boyette Wise Benton


So — you want to be free?

Hold carefully then, your freedom rights.

Hold, just as carefully the freedom rights of others — complying with laws of our land, completing each task dependably and paying your debts. Herein lies freedom.

— Verna Lee Hinegardne­r Former Poet Laureate


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