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DC Sanders lands new gig, takes over at Jonesboro

- By Josh Briggs

JONESBORO – When the 2023 football season kicks off, the Bryant Hornets will be without at least one of the crucial pieces that helped lead to five straight 7A championsh­ips.

Quad Sanders, the Hornets defensive coordinato­r since 2018, was named the new head coach at Jonesboro earlier this week.

“Getting the job was a blessing, but how I got the job I never dreamed it because Randy Coleman had been (at Jonesboro) for 15 years,” Sanders said. “People were asking me if I was looking for a head coaching job and I always said I wasn’t looking, but if something came along that I was interested in, I’d look. This popped open and I had always been interested in Jonesboro from watching them in college.”

Sanders played as a defensive lineman at the University of Central Arkansas before coaching at the collegiate level at three schools ahead of landing the Bryant job.

He also received the

2022 Broyles Award recently and was a vital part of

Bryant winning 53 straight in-state games – a streak that is still alive following the 2022 season.

This past season, Sanders’ defense allowed 10.6 points per game and 221 offensive yards per game.

Despite taking on a much bigger role than his resume shows in the past, Sanders said he is not worried about the jump to head coach.

“Buck (James) did a good job of teaching us and letting us run things, especially when he wasn’t there,” Sanders said of the Hornets head coach. “He gave us responsibi­lities and is always in our ear for when that head job comes, so we are ready and know what we need to know.

“It feels the same to be a head coach. It is football. The only thing different is who wears the title. But it is still just football.”

As defensive coordinato­r, Sanders used his inner player to hype his guys up and prepare them for the game. As head coach, he said nothing will change.

“That’s just me,” Sanders said. “That’s what I do. I was born to be a football coach. I can wake up and do it and go to sleep and do it in my sleep. Naturally, getting the guys hyped up is what I’ll do. I don’t have to wear a title to get them ready to play.”

With his new role comes new challenges, but one many will be looking at in 2023 is the matchup with Bryant in conference play.

However, Sanders said he does not look that far ahead.

“I don’t look forward to any game except the next one,” Sanders said. “But

I’ll be more excited to see the guys I worked with and the kids again. The game will take care of itself. I’m excited to be able to come home where it all came together and where I grew the most.”

While leaving Bryant is emotional for Sanders, he said he thanks everyone for everything while at Bryant.

“It is my home away from home and I appreciate the love from everyone,” Sanders said.

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