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A completely different dog


IF YOU WERE TO MEET Corban today, you’d become instant friends with an easygoing dog who likes to cuddle with people, and chase (admittedly, somewhat lazily) after tennis balls. But that’s not the Corban you would’ve met right after he came to the Sanctuary from a shelter in New Mexico. Back then, he was anxious, and so terrified of men that he barked and lunged at his fence if they stepped anywhere near his yard.

Fast-forward two years. After a lot of practice, patience and hard work, Corban’s closest pal is now Tim Diantonio, Best Friends’ community outreach specialist. Tim takes Corban on an outing once a week, and Corban gets excited the instant he sees or hears his buddy’s SUV entering Dogtown. Plus, Corban now has the confidence to walk up to any stranger, wagging his tail and leaning in to be petted. And in his area of Dogtown, he has become the go-to dog for volunteers looking to take a pup on an outing. At the dog park, he is relaxed, and while he chases after his tennis ball happily enough, he’s in no hurry to catch it before it hits the ground.

“He’s so different from the dog who arrived here,” says Dogtown caregiver Kathy Gray. “I can’t say enough good things about him, and I feel like he’s made huge strides. He doesn’t shy away from anyone, and he loves everyone now.” As if to prove her point, Corban recently walked up to greet a volunteer and said hello in the sweetest way possible — by resting his head gently on the man’s lap.

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with caregiver Jeff Jabs
Corban with caregiver Jeff Jabs
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