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The Rachael Ray Foundation™ and its predecesso­r entity, Rachael’s Rescue, have generously donated to the animals at Best Friends and our partners every year over the last decade. And we’ve made every penny count. Best of all, like we often do, we’ve paid it forward to support our partners’ work, thanks to grant programs establishe­d by these Rachael Ray philanthro­pies.

Vans funded by Best Friends programs establishe­d by Rachael Ray philanthro­pies helped more than 17,000 animals in Utah and California get to spay/ neuter appointmen­ts as well as to new homes. When we asked for funding to help the thousands of kittens at risk of dying in Los Angeles shelters, the answer was yes. Then, when Best Friends committed to taking the entire country to no-kill by 2025, we knew shelters would need support for smart programs to save more lives. When we asked for funds to give away to our partners, the answer was yes — again. In 2016, Best Friends gave out the first Rachael Ray Save Them All Grants to 57 of our partners across the country.

That was only the beginning. Best Friends has since given out more than 440 grants to our partners, thanks to Rachael Ray philanthro­pies. It includes innovative new programs like No-Kill Excellence Grants to support shelters that reach a 90% save rate. And this year, an additional $2 million in funding went to Best Friends from The Rachael Ray Foundation to disperse as grants to network partners for supporting pets and their people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Foundation’s support of Best Friends’ mission during the pandemic is the embodiment of what we mean when we say that together, we will Save Them All. The year 2025 is right around the corner, and with support like this, we know we can do it.

Best Friends has given out more than 440 grants to our partners, thanks to the Rachael Ray Foundation.

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