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Waffle’s wriggle therapy


WAFFLE IS A VERY special kitten. And we don’t just mean because he has the cutest little face you’ve ever seen. He came to Best Friends with his six siblings when he was only a few days old, and it quickly became clear that he couldn’t use his back legs. They were paralyzed. But that has never stopped Waffle from playing with his friends — or trying to wriggle around while he’s getting therapy.

He’s receiving electro-acupunctur­e at the Sanctuary, from Best Friends veterinari­an Dr. Chrissy. Acupunctur­e, with small electrodes attached to some of the needles, helps to stimulate muscles that Waffle can’t use on his own. While it’s still early in his treatment, he’s handling it like a champ. He likes to be cradled in Dr. Chrissy’s lap for the procedure, and he’ll fuss and squirm until he gets what he wants. And hey, maybe someday, when he’s further along with his therapy, he’ll be able to squirm with his back legs a bit, too. One thing we know for sure: This is one Waffle who comes with an extra dollop of sweetness.


BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE November/December 2020

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