Best Friends

Stretching his long, long legs at last


MARMADUKE IS A very (very) large dog. As a Great Dane, he’s almost as big as some of his caregivers — sometimes even bigger. He’s an imposing presence, and his giant paws can get a little unruly when he’s feeling playful. But Marmaduke is just a big (big) lovebug. And his happy antics only mean he’s feeling good.

When Marmaduke arrived at the Sanctuary, he had pressure sores from sitting in one place for too long, and his hind legs didn’t have much muscle mass. He’d spent most of his life in a small pen outdoors, missing out on the exercise needed by growing puppies (especially ones growing as fast as he was).

Since he’s been at the Sanctuary, Marmaduke has started healing. The sores are forming calluses and he’s building muscle. He’s able to run the length of his yard in just a few strides, loves going on walks and enjoys being the center of attention on car rides. But his favorite thing in the world is stretching out his long, long legs on his twin-sized mattress and snuggling up with his human friends for a nap. Because he really is just a big — make that very big — lovebug.

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