Best Friends

How to be a bunny


FELIX HASN’T ALWAYS known he’s a bunny. He used to live with a colony of cats, trying to fit in as best he could, even with his extra-long ears and extra-short tail. When he first arrived at the Sanctuary, he acted more like his feline friends than a rabbit, until he made a new friend named Coal. These days, he’s happy to flop down next to his pal and nibble some lettuce. He is a bunny, after all. The only difference is, now he actually knows it. wiggling puppies tucked against her now considerab­ly smaller stomach. A pile of tiny pink and black noses, tiny feet poking out from tiny bodies, big yawns and little dream-induced twitches were watched over by mom Laverne and the people who helped them all come into the world.

BEST FRIENDS MAGAZINE November/December 2020

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