Best Friends

Tate’s turnaround



Who among us doesn’t slip into a state of sadness when someone we love passes away? That’s what happened to Tate. When his person died, he became increasing­ly depressed, and to make matters even tougher, the family member entrusted with his care was unable to keep him.

Tate is nearly 14 years old, and at a time when he should’ve been basking in his golden years, his life turned upside down. But the situation started to change for the better when he came to Best Friends and was placed in an Atlanta foster home with Christina Pristera and her family.

Understand­ably, Tate was still a bit down in the beginning. “At first, when we would eat dinner at the kitchen table, he watched from the living room,” Christina says. “But eventually, he started joining us — from under the table — and then he started rolling over for belly rubs. That’s when we knew he was comfortabl­e with us.”

Tate befriended the family’s two children and their other dogs, and it became

He must have been loved in his previous life because that’s how he approached everyone: with love.

clear that he must have been loved in his previous life, because that’s how he seemed to approach everyone: with love. It wasn’t long before he was adopted by a new family and settled into the home that will be his for the rest of his life. At last, Tate can relax and enjoy his golden years.

 ??  ?? Tate with his foster family
Tate with his foster family
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