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Tiny toma­toes don’t come from tiny plants. Most are in­de­ter­mi­nate, which means they grow and fruit un­til frost.

■ START De­lay plant­ing un­til frost is past. Ideal temps for grow­ing and fruit­ing are 80s dur­ing the day, 50s or 60s at night.

■ SUN A min­i­mum of 8 hours per day.

■ SOIL Fer­tile, well-drained soil is a must. Im­prove both by spad­ing in lots of or­ganic mat­ter be­fore plant­ing.

■ SUP­PORT Plants can reach 10 feet or more. Tie vines to a fence to keep these heavy pro­duc­ers from sprawl­ing.

■ SUS­TAIN Toma­toes need con­sis­tent food and water. As soon as fruits set, feed weekly with a balanced fer­til­izer.

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