It may seem like you can get a silky, pol­ished blowout only in the sa­lon. But with the right tools and a few pro hacks, you can cre­ate your own good hair day with­out burn­ing out your bi­ceps. Your four-step les­son starts now.

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1After you sham­poo and con­di­tion, comb out your wet hair then get it 80 per­cent dry. You could do this by air-dry­ing, wrap­ping your hair in a towel, or rough-dry­ing it with a blow-dryer us­ing the low­est heat set­ting. (If you go the blow-dry­ing route, ap­ply a heat pro­tec­tant first to guard against ther­mal dam­age, pre­vent frizz, and add shine.) Why pre-dry? For starters, the heat and brush ten­sion needed to blow out sop­ping wet hair can be re­ally dam­ag­ing and “take away a lot of the hair’s nat­u­ral body,” says Kat­tia Solano, owner of New York City’s But­ter­fly Stu­dio Sa­lon. You’ll also cut down on the dreaded arm fa­tigue from hold­ing your brush and blow-dryer.

2If your goal is a su­per­sleek ef­fect, ap­ply an oil­base styling cream from the mid­shaft to ends of hair. Want ex­tra vol­ume and body? Work in a root-lift­ing spray or mousse at the roots. Next, sec­tion your hair into four parts. “This will give you more con­trol when styling,” says Solano, who sug­gests di­vid­ing hair down the mid­dle of your head, then again from ear to ear. If your hair is thick or un­ruly, use eight smaller sec­tions. Fas­ten each with a duck­bill clip.

3Time to dry. Make sure the noz­zle at­tach­ment is on. “It di­rects air­flow ex­actly where you need it,” says hair­styl­ist Juan Car­los Maciques of New York City’s Os­car Blandi Sa­lon. Start­ing at your nape, wrap a sec­tion around a medium round brush. “An­gle the noz­zle of the dryer so it points from roots to ends,” Maciques says. Run the dryer down the hair sec­tion, twirling the brush when you get to the ends to smooth them out. Re­peat as nec­es­sary un­til the sec­tion is com­pletely dry.

For the best view in the mir­ror, turn your chin so it faces op­po­site the sec­tion you’re dry­ing. When you get to the crown, tilt your head down. “You’ll have a broader range of mo­tion,” Solano says.

4Did you know that cold air is key to a pol­ished, frizz-free blowout? “It’s re­ally im­por­tant, af­ter you’ve dried a sec­tion, that you set your work by go­ing back over it us­ing the cool-shot but­ton,” Brager says. “The cold air seals the cu­ti­cle and locks in what you’ve done.”

Then move on to your next damp sec­tion and re­peat Step 3. Once you’ve done your en­tire head, you can shake out your hair, tou­sle with your fin­gers to blend sec­tions, or ad­just your part if needed. Fin­ish with a light mist of hair spray.

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