How to choose an AREA RUG

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An area rug can trans­form a room in the time it takes to un­roll it. Our

guide­lines will help you find the one that fits and avoid shop­ping snags.

Know­ing the lingo helps you shop

smart. These terms re­fer to con­struc­tion


TUFTED Pieces of yarn are punched through a back­ing then cut to

cre­ate a smooth sur­face (called pile).

Tufted rugs shed more than oth­ers.

HOOKED Though sim­i­lar to a tufted rug in that loops of yarn are pulled through a back­ing, the yarn isn’t cut, leav­ing

a looped pile.

KNOT­TED Pieces of yarn are tied, of­ten by hand, to warp fibers on a

loom. It’s the most la­bor-in­ten­sive way

to make a rug.

BRAIDED Lengths of fab­ric, yarn, or nat­u­ral fibers

are braided then sewn to one an­other.


Of­ten called kil­ims or dhur­ries, these are wo­ven on a loom, ei­ther by hand or ma­chine. There’s no back­ing, so they are lighter and re­versible.

SHAG Any tufted, wo­ven, or knot­ted rug with

long, plush pile.

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