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I f you want to lose weight you should fo­cus on low­er­ing in­sulin lev­els. In­sulin is a fat pro­mot­ing hor­mone, that takes sugar from the blood and stores it, mainly as fat. It even stops the body from burn­ing its own fat. So the more in­sulin you pro­duce, the fat­ter you will likely be. So how do we lower in­sulin? Get­ting suf­fi­cient sleep helps. Eat­ing less pro­tein (es­pe­cially beef and fish) also low­ers in­sulin. But most im­por­tantly, eat less pro­cessed carbs!

CHEATINGWITHMULBERRYLEAVES Since carbs are com­fort foods, it’s hard to elim­i­nate them. But if you want to keep eat­ing bread or pasta, then try the so-called

carb block­ers. They stop the carbs from be­ing fully di­gested, which helps lower blood sugar lev­els and thus in­sulin. The best nat­u­ral carb blocker is called DNJ. It works in har­mony with the body and is based on nat­u­ral mul­berry leaf ex­tract. It can help block much of the sugar you oth­er­wise would have di­gested and will help you start los­ing the weight and look your best. New Nordic’s Zuc­carin Di­etTM prod­uct con­tains the sci­en­tif­i­cally proven amount of DNJ, shown to help blood sugar lev­els and pro­mote weight loss.

STUDY RE­SULTS A re­cent Ital­ian study of Zuc­car­inTM showed the im­pres­sive weight loss re­sults of block­ing car­bo­hy­drates. The diet group lost sub­stan­tially more weight than the placebo group and their waists shrunk more as well.

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