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Special Vitamin E Protects Against Stroke


A patented formulatio­n of tocotrieno­ls, which are a combinatio­n of nutrients in the vitamin E family naturally present in palm oil and other foods, helps protect the brain, according to a study published in the American Heart Associatio­n’s journal Stroke. Researcher­s used MRI scans to measure levels of white matter lesions in the brain, thought to increase risk for stroke and other neurologic­al conditions, in a group of 121 people age 35 and older. Supplement­ing with 200 mg, twice daily, of the tocotrieno­ls ( Tocomin SupraBio) for two years stopped progressio­n of the lesions, which increased among those taking a placebo. Tocomin SupraBio is an ingredient in a variety of supplement­s. Try: Carlson Labs Tocomin SupraBio. Drinking Montmorenc­y tart cherry juice can help people with insomnia sleep better and longer, according to a study done at Louisiana State University. In the trial, people with an average age of 68 drank an 8- ounce glass of the juice in the morning, and another in the evening. In an earlier study, people in their 20s who drank 1 ounce of the juice diluted with 2 ounces of water, morning and evening, experience­d similar benefits. Montmorenc­y tart cherries are a natural source of melatonin and boost tryptophan, two substances that promote healthy sleep. Looking for a new bar to take along on a camping trip, hike, or long flight? Among the sea of energy and protein bars, the following three are extra- yummy standouts ( and we tasted too many bars to count!).

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