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Summer selections

New products to make your July sizzle— from sea salt chocolates to an herbal spot treatment for clear skin


Solgar Probi 20 Billion and Probi 30 Billion Vegetable Capsules are designed to help to relieve gas, bloating, and other digestive issues by populating your gut with good- for- you bacteria. Probi 30 Billion, specifical­ly, is indicated for integrated bowel support and is ideal for anyone experienci­ng cyclical digestive issues. Both products are formulated with Lactobacil­lus plantarum LP299v, a single- strain probiotic backed by more

than 10 years of scientific research and review. These high- dose, robust formulas are known to survive stomach acid— even harsh stomach acid. Therefore, the active, live cultures ( aka, the beneficial microflora) are delivered to your intestines intact, retaining their full potentcy. The formulas are

free of gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar, artificial flavors, and sweeteners. Alter Eco’s two new darkly sweet confection­s will make you melt with a blend 70% cocoa, artisan dark chocolate, and fleur de sel de Guerande sea salt ( from the French town of Guerande). The Dark

Salted Brown Butter Bar proves everything tastes better with butter— rich browned butter from grass- fed cows is blended with sin

gle- origin cocoa from Ecuador for a sublime, salty- sweet flavor. And the Deep Dark Sea Salt Bar features a sprinkling of sea salt crystals for a subtle, craveable crunch, mixed with ultra- silky Ecuadorian chocolate.

Multis with More

Enzymedica Enzyme Nutrition Multi- Vitamins are a comprehens­ive blend of nutrient- dense whole- food vitamins and minerals, along with probiotics, superfoods, botanicals, and most importantl­y, enzymes. Enzymedica’s innovative " Enzyme Activated Nutrients," grown to preserve the highest potency of enzymes contained within the food structure, are the stars here. These enzymes help to ensure proper digestion and nutrient utilizatio­n. Enzymes also help to prevent nausea related to multivitam­in use ( a common side effect of multis). Choose from four specialize­d formulas: Women; Women's 50+; Men's; Men's 50+; and Two Daily.

Discover the Probi Difference

Bye- Bye Blemishes

Watch pimples disappear with the help of a natural, nondrying solution. No Bull Blemish Blaster combines blemish- fighting botanicals selected for their antibacter­ial, antimicrob­ial, redness- reducing, and soothing properties— willow bark, neem, witch hazel, licorice root, grapefruit, and tea tree oils, plus soothing aloe vera. Simply dab on blemishes as needed throughout the day. You may be surprised at how quickly this formula starts working. It’s also helpful for preventing razor burn, easing rosacea symptoms, and calming areas of redness and/ or discolorat­ion. This is a beauty bag essential!

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