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Out of the cup and into beauty products, green tea’s topical benefits rival its health advantages

- By Sherrie Strausfoge­l

Green tea is an anti- infl ammatory, an anti- irritant, and a great source of antioxidan­ts that help protect skin and hair and may even slow the signs of aging. The most powerful antioxidan­t in green tea is epigalloca­techin- 3- gallate ( EGCG), which helps prevent collagen breakdown and reduces UV damage to skin.

These protective properties have anti- aging benefi ts. “The high content of powerful antioxidan­ts in green tea slows down the signs of aging, minimizing wrinkles, and maintainin­g fi rm, toned skin,” says Lea Eigard, a clinical aesthetici­an based in Beverly Hills and creator of Eigard Essentials, a natural skin care system that includes green tea.

“Green Tea also contains L- theanine, which has a calming eff ect on the nerves by reducing tension held in the skin,” says Eigard. “Skin will appear more relaxed and even toned. Green tea also contains vitamin K, which plays a part in reducing the loss of elasticity and protects the skin from developing wrinkles and sagging. It’s wonderful for healing bruises and repairing broken blood vessels as well as reabsorbin­g the blood leakage that causes dark circles under the eyes.”

Green tea is also added to hair products, as it is has the ability to stimulate growth and soften hair. It contains polyphenol­s and vitamins C and E, which are known to boost healthy hair. And the antiseptic properties of green tea help prevent and cure common hair problems, such as dandruff and psoriasis, by reducing infl ammation.

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