Better Nutrition

Can coconut milk 4– 6 Tbs. organic honey 1 empty hand soap container or squirt bottle


We all know that coconut oil has a number of miracle- worthy uses and benefi ts, but coconut milk is also a great resource that seems to be robbed of the limelight. Coconut is full of essential fats and protein; it promotes hair growth and can help maintain healthy hair and restore moisture and strength. This mask will work wonders for anyone suff ering from brittle, dry ends. It makes a great weekly pick- me- up to maintain the moisture and softness of hair. This creamy, nourishing coconut milk and honey mask smells delicious and will leave your hair silky and shiny. Combine coconut milk and organic honey in a glass bowl. Whisk the ingredient­s together until frothy and pour into an empty hand soap container or squirt bottle. Apply it to your hair, starting at the scalp and working your way to the ends. After hair is thoroughly drenched, massage into scalp for 2 minutes. Let treatment soak into hair for 30 minutes to one hour. Rinse and shampoo as normal.

Jane Olivia Paik

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