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2 cups broccoli florets, cut to the size of quarters 6 Tbs. tarragon vinegar* 2 Tbs. cooking sherry 2 tsp. Dijon mustard Finely grated zest of 1 navel orange 2 Tbs. olive oil 1 11- oz. can mandarin oranges, drained, juice reserved 4 cups baby romaine lett


Picture this: It’s a hot July evening. You’ve got a few friends coming over and want to serve some food, but don’t want to prepare a whole multi- course meal. You’d like something light, simple, fresh, and tasty that’s visually appealing and easy to make. Well, this cool fruited salad is just what the doctor ordered.

I could go on and on about the ingredient­s in this little gem— broccoli, spinach, olive oil, spices, all usual suspects in any list of healthy ingredient­s. The veggies are good sources of Vitamin K1, which, admittedly, is not the sexy vitamin K2 that gets all the attention for its role in heart health. But K1 is critical for healthy blood clotting, and there’s emerging evidence that, along with its brother K2, K1 also plays an important role in bone health ( particular­ly when combined with vitamin D).

Overall, this recipe contains a nice mix of ingredient­s that help you build bones and lower infl ammation. And the addition of olive oil adds a strong anti- infl ammatory component. Enjoy! Steam broccoli florets in basket over boiling water, 3 minutes. Fill medium bowl with ice- cold water, remove broccoli from heat, and transfer to bowl 30 seconds to stop cooking process. Drain water and set aside.

In separate small bowl, whisk together vinegar, sherry, mustard, zest, olive oil, and 2 Tbs. mandarin juice. Pour half of dressing mixture over broccoli florets, and toss to combine. Refrigerat­e to chill, if desired.**

Combine broccoli florets with greens, carrots, cranberrie­s, and mandarin slices in large salad bowl. Top with remaining dressing, and toss gently to combine. Garnish with chopped almonds, and serve immediatel­y. per serving:


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