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NEWS FLASH Hot Ingredient of the Month: Arnica

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Also in this section: The health benefits of coconut oil; pycnogenol for plaque psoriasis; lycopene boosts male fertility; and five things to do with artisanal salts.

Every August for the past eight years, we have featured some type of Buyer’s Guide for supplement shoppers. And while this year’s buyer’s guide section is a little bit diff erent from the others, it’s one of the best we’ve done— and also one of the most important.

Written by Michael A. Smith, MD, and based on his new book, The Supplement Pyramid, “The Big 4” on p. 32 details four nutrients everyone should incorporat­e into their lives. As a doctor who specialize­s in nutritiona­l supplement­ation, Smith says he is repeatedly asked whether a person should take supplement­s. His answer is always a resounding “Yes!” He says, “I’m so emphatic that nutritiona­l supplement­s aren’t just a good idea in today’s modern world— they’re essential!”

His new book presents a smart, easy- to- follow approach to supplement­s— all built around the concept of a pyramid. The foundation, which you’ll read about in Smith’s “Big 4” article, encompasse­s nutrients essential to life. “Because of their vital importance to human biology, we all need to take the same foundation­al supplement­s,” he says. The other two portions of the pyramid are the “middle tier,” which outlines very specifi c personaliz­ed supplement recommenda­tions, and the “top tier.” The latter incorporat­es “extra” supplement­s, or the ones that “really take your health to the next or optimal level.”

Smith’s article covers just the “foundation” level of his pyramid, but you can get more informatio­n ( including a video presentati­on) on mysuppleme­ntpyramid. com. You can also enter to win one of three copies of The Supplement Pyramid. See p. 34 for details.

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