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ASK THE ND Post-Pregnancy Slim Down


A safe and simple diet plan for shedding those baby pounds.

VITAMIN C: 500 mg one to two times daily, or as much as your body tolerates without uncomforta­ble digestive symptoms.

CALCIUM: Most people get 500– 700 mg daily from food, but your personal intake is what’s important. A website or app such at myfitnessp­al. com can help you calculate how much calcium you’re getting from food, and supplement­s should only cover any shortfall. Also your body is more likely to leave calcium in vessels when you get more than 500 mg at one time, regardless of the source.

MAGNESIUM: A common recommenda­tion is 400 mg, once or twice daily, but some integrativ­e physicians recommend getting equal amounts of magnesium and calcium, or taking enough magnesium to resolve symptoms of a deficiency. For a comprehens­ive list of magnesium deficiency symptoms, visit the Nutritiona­l Magnesium Associatio­n at nutritiona­lmagnesium. org.



1,000– 2,000 IU daily. Ideally, get vitamin D levels tested.

Daily dosages vary, depending on the form of vitamin K. Follow product directions.

STRONTIUM: 680 mg daily of elemental strontium for treating osteoporos­is, and 340 mg for prevention. Take strontium at a different time than you take calcium and magnesium, as they compete for absorption.

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