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Take this quiz to see what you know— and what you don’t— about making informed decisions when you shop

- By Melissa Diane Smith

Six high-quality supplement­s to try.

Natural, organic, gluten- free, free- range, grass- fed, and more. There are so many terms and so many diff erent ways to read labels, it’s a lot for natural food shoppers to sort through, grasp, and comprehend! Many marketing terms are confusing. And let’s face it: Some are downright misleading.

Most consumers don’t know exactly what all of these various terms mean, but they probably have ideas of what they think they mean. Ideas that are often wrong. And misunderst­anding terms on labels can cause us to sometimes— maybe far more often than we realize— purchase products we don’t really want.

The only way to prevent this is to get educated and super savvy as a consumer. Take the simple quiz below to test your knowledge. After you answer the questions, view the answers to get the real scoop on what various food label terms mean and what the FDA and food laws require, and get up to date on any informatio­n you may not have known before.

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