Better Nutrition



Avoiding Gluten and Food Allergens 1. TRUE OR FALSE: “Gluten- free” on a label means the product is completely free

of the problemati­c protein gluten. 2. TRUE OR FALSE: Food manufactur­ers are required to identify on food labels when any of the top eight food allergens are included in a product, and also when food allergens might be present in the manufactur­ing facility. 3. TRUE OR FALSE: The top eight food allergens that are required to be identified on

food labels are wheat, soy, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and eggs. Choosing Natural and Organic Foods 4. TRUE OR FALSE: Buying foods that are labeled “Natural” is a good way to avoid

foods that contain laboratory- created geneticall­y modified organisms ( GMOs). 5. TRUE OR FALSE: Food labeled “USDA Organic” is produced without using GMOs, ionizing radiation, most convention­al pesticides, and fertilizer­s made with synthetic ingredient­s or sewage sludge. Understand­ing Free- Range and Grass- Fed 6. TRUE OR FALSE: Chicken and eggs labeled “free range” come from chickens that

freely forage around a farmyard. 7. TRUE OR FALSE: “Grass- fed” beef means beef from cattle raised entirely on grass.

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