Better Nutrition

Our 31 Day Immune Challenge

Are you ready for your healthiest year ever? We’ve collected 31 of the best ways to get well and stay well one trip for each day in October


We take the guesswork out of winter wellness with 31 simple ways to boost immunity— one for each day of October. Try just a few, then enter to win our online immunity challenge.

As the weather cools and the kids settle back into school, you may fi nd yourself worrying that you and your family will become victims of cold and fl u season. The good news is that you don’t need to let a runny nose or sore throat put you on the sidelines. The 31 tips found here can decrease your odds of getting sick. You’ll also learn lots of ways to speed your recovery if you do end up feeling under the weather.

Taking a proactive approach to immunity doesn’t just pay dividends during cold and fl u season. Creating and maintainin­g a strong immune system this month also protects against viral, fungal, and bacterial invaders 365 days a year.

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