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Giving up GMOs— for good

- Nicole

Ihave never liked the idea of eating something that has been geneticall­y modifi ed, but it wasn’t until reading Melissa Diane Smith’s new book Going Against GMOs, that I really started to understand just how harmful these so- called “Frakenfood­s” really are. Up until that point, I didn’t understand what geneticall­y modifi ed organisms ( GMOs) were— or why I should avoid them.

“When I sifted through the hype and really studied the evidence, I realized there was no good reason for consumers to eat GMOs,” says Smith, who immersed herself in the world of genetic engineerin­g by interviewi­ng experts, attending conference­s, studying non- GMO foods, and doing extensive research. “As a journalist, I saw this as a very big story, but I thought it wasn’t being covered in a way that Americans needed to hear or could understand.”

Smith’s book opens with the incredible story of a client whose health was transforme­d after adopting a non- GMO diet: within a year of changing her food, this client experience­d relief from chronic seasonal allergies. In fact, she was able to stop taking allergy medication­s. Her body felt less infl amed; joint pain subsided, and her asthma symptoms improved dramatical­ly; and perhaps most impressive, blood tests showed that the woman’s systemic immune condition had normalized for the fi rst time in years.

The American Academy of Environmen­tal Medicine lists the following conditions as serious health risks associated with GM foods, says Smith in her book: Infertilit­y Immune system problems Accelerate­d aging Disruption of insulin and cholestero­l regulation Gastrointe­stinal problems Changes in the liver, spleen, and gastrointe­stinal tract

The good news is that, with a little knowledge, you can steer clear of GMOs. Smith, who is a nutritioni­st and regular contributo­r to Better Nutrition ( see “Food Matters,” p. 66), helps demystify GMOs and provides practical solutions for avoiding them when shopping for food or dining out. See p. 52 for our Q& A with Smith, “Going Against GMOs.”

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