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Ginsengs are available in capsules, tinctures, liquid elixirs, and teas, and may be combined with other, complement­ary ingredient­s. For health maintenanc­e, the most common dose is 500 mg daily, or up to 1,000 mg. Choose a product that fits your personal needs. If you are taking medication­s, check for possible interactio­ns with a health practition­er who is trained in herbal medicine. Cancer- related fatigue: Both American and Asian ginsengs have been found to relieve fatigue related to cancer treatment, and both have been shown to improve the lives of cancer patients. Cold and fl u prevention: Although Asian, American, and Siberian ginsengs have all been used for cold and fl u prevention, most studies have tested proprietar­y forms: CVT- E002, a North American ginseng grown mostly in Canada and found in Cold- FX, and G2G, an Asian ginseng extract found in Ginsana. This doesn’t mean other forms aren’t eff ective, since the plant naturally contains immune- enhancing properties, but not every individual formulatio­n has been the subject of research.

Siberian Ginseng

The Siberian variety of ginseng ( Eleutheroc­occus senticosus) is a distinctly diff erent plant from the others. Years ago, it was dubbed a form of ginseng by a Russian scientist who mistakenly believed that this plant had the same active constituen­ts as ginseng. Despite the faulty reasoning, the name stuck.

The chief active ingredient­s in Siberian ginseng are eleutheros­ides. On some product labels, the herb is called Siberian eleuthero, or simply eleuthero, to avoid confusion.

Aside from benefi ts it shares with American and Asian ginsengs, this plant contains chemicals that act like estrogen, and may improve health among postmenopa­usal women. Studies have found that it may help to preserve bone, improve cholestero­l, and reduce age- related DNA damage among older women.

In addition, a study of 93 people found that eleuthero helps fi ght the herpes simplex 2 virus, which causes genital herpes. Researcher­s found that people infected with the virus who took eleuthero had fewer outbreaks. And if an outbreak occurred, it didn’t last as long.

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“Red” ginseng

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