Better Nutrition

Other Dietary Tips


Keep your vitamin D levels in the high normal range with some sun exposure and appropriat­e supplement­ation. Vitamin D benefi cially infl uences a large number of genes involved in the regulation of cell growth and metabolism.

Use olive oil and foods high in omega- 3 fats including wild- caught Alaskan salmon and sardines, fl ax seeds, and walnuts. And diversify your diet to minimize your reliance on animal protein sources. Any animal protein you do eat should be lean, organic, and grass fed to avoid potential chemical and hormonal additives. And completely avoid sugar and processed foods.

By understand­ing the ways that estrogen levels increase, and other ways in which these receptors can be stimulated, we can make wise choices and engage in activities that will minimize activation of estrogen receptors in breast cells. We can also boost overall vitality in the process— a win/ win situation.

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