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When people fi nd out what I do for a living, they frequently ask for advice on what supplement­s to take for this or that condition. From my early days as a supplement editor, I’ve had a passion for helping people fi nd great natural products to enhance their lives. This is one of the reasons I love putting together our annual Best of Supplement­s Awards ( see “Taking the Lead” on p. 38).

As you read about exciting and innovative supplement­s on the market today in our awards section, I decided to compile my own list of supplement “winners”— these are some of the nutrients that I take daily. Vitamin C— I use a whole- food form derived from organic berries. Biotin— for hair, skin and nail health; biotin has helped strengthen my nails, which tend to peel and break easily. Cordyceps mushroom— for energy and immune health. I take this fi rst thing in the morning before eating anything and it gives me a gentle boost that I love. Multivitam­in— this is a must for everyone. Probiotics— for overall health, including digestive and immune health; I always notice a diff erence in my health ( and even my skin!) if I forget to take these. Omega- 3 fats— for overall health, hormone balance, optimal brain function. ( I am currently trying a vegetarian form of DHA from algae that I really like.) Folic acid— for mood and hormone balance ( I use the 5- MTHF form). Green foods— for energy, detox, immunity, and gallbladde­r health ( chlorophyl­lrich nutrients help detoxify and process fat, which helps support gallbladde­r health). Artichoke Extract— again, for gallbladde­r health. Artichoke is extremely calming and nourishing for the gallbladde­r. Milk Thistle— this is one of my favorite herbs. It cleanses the liver, helps regenerate new liver cells, and, among many other things, is high in antioxidan­ts. Turmeric— for infl ammation and liver health. CoQ10, as Kaneka QH ubiquinol ( this form is easier to absorb and utilize, according to studies). This is one of my all- time favorite supplement­s. It supports natural energy levels, heart health, immunity, and brain function. I would love to hear from you and am curious to know which supplement­s you take on a daily basis. Please email me at nbrechka@ aimmedia. com.

at betternutr­ition. com. Click on the “blog” tab to read more about my favorite nutrients, as well as the latest news on supplement­s and natural living.

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