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Not just another diet


Among the ever- growing multitude of diet books that routinely pop up on store shelves, The Skinny Gut Diet by well- known nutritioni­st Brenda Watson, CNC, is clearly diff erent. The emphasis isn’t on simply helping you lose weight— it’s on balancing your gut bacteria for permanent weight loss. And who better than Watson to educate people about the connection between gut health and obesity? The author has specialize­d in digestive care and healthy detoxifi cation methods for more than 20 years. She has appeared on PBS and written nine other books, including The Fiber35 Diet. Here, we asked Watson a few questions about her new book. before- and- after stories is one of the things that motivated me the most to write the book.

It’s important that people understand that they are not entirely to blame for their inability to lose weight and keep it off. When people realize that their gut bacteria balance is what really determines their weight loss ability, they stop feeling like a failure and

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