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or the problem develops into postherpet­ic neuralgia ( PHN), intravenou­s vitamin C can lead to rapid improvemen­t of lesions.

Subcutaneo­us B injections ( near the blisters) are another naturopath­ic therapy that has been successful for shingles, particular­ly when the virus is stress- induced.

Honey, applied topically, has signifi cant antiviral properties and is worth trying. [ Editor’s note: For best results, use Manuka honey, available at health food stores.]

Herbal Antivirals

There are many herbs that are both antiviral and analgesic, including St John’s wort, ashwagandh­a, and oats. Tinctures can be found in health food stores and can be applied to the skin ( mix with castor oil fi rst). Cover the oil- tincture mix with a The major homeopathi­c remedy for shingles is Rhus toxicodend­ron ( poison ivy). The zoster blisters actually look like a bad case of poison ivy. Rhus tox. is more likely the right remedy for a younger person, who finds relief from some form of movement.

If the patient is very chilly with restless anxiety, exhaustion, and a worsening of symptoms after midnight, then Arsenicum album is likely to help. For a rash that is described as feeling like a burn, Cantharis ( Spanish fly) might be a good choice. Another remedy that might be very useful is Iris versicolor ( blueflag), which seems to be most applicable to rashes that manifest on the right side of the body. Antimonium tartaricum is known to help resolve chicken pox lesions and may accelerate resolution of herpes zoster.

Use 1 tiny tablet ( 12X and 30C potency) every 4 waking hours for a few days. If symptoms fail to improve within a few days, consult a licensed homeopath. cloth, and then with a heating pad set on medium. This often provides relief after a few applicatio­ns.

Herbal antivirals can also be taken internally. A blend I like combines licorice, osha, ligusticum, and astragalus.

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