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Autumn magic

Wake up a dull complexion, tighten and tone saggy skin, and more with apples

- By Sherrie Strausfoge­l

t seems that an apple a day keeps the dermatolog­ist away. This iconic fruit is packed with vitamins and antioxidan­ts that nourish skin when eaten or applied topically. Apples contain vitamin C, which helps make collagen, a crucial structural component of skin. Vitamin C also helps maintain your skin’s waterproof barrier.

Apples also are a source of copper, an essential mineral that helps you make melanin, the pigment that protects skin from the sun’s ultraviole­t rays. It also makes up an essential part of other tissues, including your eyes and hair. No wonder extracts of the fruit and juice are being added to skin and hair cleansers, serums, creams, and more. Some highlights:


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