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Safe celebratio­n

Try this streamline­d four- step plan to prepare a holiday meal without gluten and geneticall­y modified ingredient­s.

- By Melissa Diane Smith

voiding both gluten and GMOs is never easy, but it’s even more diffi cult during the holidays. For a truly safe Thanksgivi­ng, try this step- by- step plan.


Several weeks before the holiday, order an organic turkey or turkey breast. That will ensure that the centerpiec­e of your meal wasn’t raised on GMO feed.


Once your turkey is ordered, plan your holiday meal preparatio­n. See “Make the Switch” ( below) for non- GMO, gluten- free substitute­s to many common ingredient­s, and gather non- perishable, USDA Organic or Non- GMO Project Verifi ed, gluten- free products that you need. Dried herbs and spices, chicken broth, non- GMO gluten- free fl our, and rice are common ingredient­s that can be purchased weeks ahead of time.


Half a week before the holiday, buy hardier vegetables that will last, and fresh ingredient­s that you need for side dishes— such as chestnut and vegetable stuffi ng or a wild rice pilaf— that you can make a day or two ahead of time, refrigerat­e, and reheat on the holiday. Condiments, such as homemade cranberry sauce, and many desserts, such as apple or pumpkin pie, that are often served cold, also can be made in advance. It’s an organizati­on of more than 350,000 followers that collective­ly speaks to, boycotts, and forces large food manufactur­ers to remove GMO ingredient­s from their products. To learn more, visit GMOFreeUSA. org.

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