Green your spring clean­ing rou­tine this year with es­sen­tial oils

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Spring Clean with Es­sen­tial Oils Keep your home sparkling with­out the harsh chem­i­cals.

Whether you want to for­tify your home against germs or sim­ply embrace your space with green clean­ing habits, task­ing es­sen­tial oils in your house­keep­ing can help to build a pow­er­ful, all- nat­u­ral de­fense against germs. ( And the aahh-in­spir­ing aro­mas might even make clean­ing house some­thing to look for­ward to!)

Be­gin by stock­ing your clean­ing bucket with a bot­tle of grease- zap­ping white vine­gar and a box of na­ture’s ex­fo­lia­tor, bak­ing soda. Di­luted with water, vine­gar cleans soiled sur­faces, and when mixed with bak­ing soda, it can tackle even the messi­est kitchens ( in­clud­ing that an­noy­ing food splat­ter in the mi­crowave), leav­ing your kitchen fresh and sparkling.

Best An­tibac­te­rial Oils: Lemon & Sweet Orange

Cit­rus oils such as zesty lemon ( Cit­rus limon) and cheer­ful sweet orange ( Cit­rus sinen­sis) are nat­u­ral dis­in­fec­tants that zap bac­te­ria. And their bright, in­vig­o­rat­ing scents will en­er­gize you and lift low spir­its. You’ll won­der why you ever re­lied on harsh, cough- in­duc­ing chem­i­cals to clean.

Keep a small glass bot­tle filled with a di­lu­tion of dis­tilled water and lemon es­sen­tial oil to treat cut­ting boards af­ter use and to wipe down lam­i­nate kitchen coun­ters and fridge han­dles at day’s end. Sweet orange es­sen­tial oil will also freshen smelly sinks and garbage dis­pos­als— sim­ply shake a few drops into the sink and rinse with hot water. With each change of the garbage can liner, shake a drop or two of lemon or orange in the bot­tom of the can to dis­pel odors. And try the fol­low­ing mix­tures to keep your home clean and green.

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