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¾ cup dis­tilled white vine­gar

1 cup dis­tilled water

10 drops lemon es­sen­tial oil

10 drops sweet orange es­sen­tial oil

In an 8- oz. spray bot­tle, mix in­gre­di­ents and shake well to blend. Spray gen­er­ously on sur­faces, in­clud­ing non- cop­per faucets and hard­ware, and let sit for sev­eral min­utes. Wipe with a clean cloth.

This mild so­lu­tion can also dou­ble as a green cleaner for smart phones and com­puter key­boards where germs col­lect. First, power down ( and un­plug) your gad­gets. Spray a clean cot­ton cloth with your so­lu­tion and gen­tly wipe down key­boards and screens. Use a Q- tip lightly misted with the so­lu­tion to reach crevices and in be­tween keys. Since vine­gar has an­ti­static prop­er­ties, clean­ing your elec­tron­ics with this so­lu­tion will also help keep dust from col­lect­ing on sur­faces.

For com­mon ar­eas around a home with small chil­dren, forego the vine­gar and make a sim­ple spray of dis­tilled water and orange es­sen­tial oil— its an­tivi­ral prop­er­ties and light scent are safe for kids. Spray toys, crib, and play­room sur­faces, then wipe with a clean cloth rinsed in warm water.

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