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¼ cup bak­ing soda

3– 4 Tbs. water

10 drops lemon es­sen­tial oil

10 drops sweet orange es­sen­tial oil

In a glass bowl, mix bak­ing soda with warm water to form a paste; add es­sen­tial oils and stir well. Ap­ply bak­ing soda mix­ture on the sides and floor of the mi­crowave and spray with All- Pur­pose Household Cleanser ( see p. 58). The vine­gar will cause the soda to bub­ble slightly. Dampen a clean cloth with fresh water, and wipe sur­faces. Rinse cloth, and wipe sur­faces again.

This mix­ture is also a fra­grant cleanser for re­frig­er­a­tors and stoves. Pour any un­used soda mix­ture down the garbage dis­posal, and run it with cold water to clean the blades.

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