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Hav­ing en­zymes cus­tom­ized for your per­sonal di­etary plan will make a vast dif­fer­ence in your sup­ple­ment’s per­for­mance. Per­son­al­iza­tion, how­ever, is only the be­gin­ning of the REAL- ZYME story. REAL- ZYMES are also state of the art in ev­ery other way, pro­vid­ing:

1. Ev­ery en­zyme re­quired for com­plete di­ges­tion of pro­teins, carbs and fats.

2. To­talTrac pro­tease, amy­lase, li­pase and cel­lu­lase blends, which func­tion at the widest pos­si­ble ranges of pH lev­els and com­bine com­ple­men­tary en­zymes for the most ef⇒ cient di­ges­tion pos­si­ble.

3. Ac­tiv8 trace min­eral com­plex, be­cause trace min­er­als may in­crease en­zyme ac­tiv­ity.

4. ATPower, fea­tur­ing ATP with zinc and mag­ne­sium to en­er­gize your di­ges­tive process.

5. Bacil­lus sub­tilis, per­haps the only pro­bi­otic that can fully sur­vive the di­ges­tive process.

6. Both “endo” and “exo” en­zymes to break down macronu­tri­ent chains at ev­ery pos­si­ble lo­ca­tion.

7. L- Glu­tamine to nour­ish the brush bor­der villi of the small in­tes­tine.

Put sim­ply, REAL- ZYMES are the most ad­vanced di­ges­tive sup­ple­ments ever of­fered. They are the world’s only en­zyme sup­ple­ments cus­tom­ized to ⇒ t your own, per­sonal needs, and stand alone in pro­vid­ing all these other fac­tors. They re­duce pro­teins, car­bo­hy­drates and fats in ev­ery way that di­ges­tive en­zymes can, and thus as­sure the quick­est, most com­plete and most ef⇒ cient di­ges­tion pos­si­ble. They are the best pos­si­ble re­place­ment for the lack of en­zymes in foods and for those we might no longer make enough of for our­selves.

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