When you can’t stop think­ing about that cer­tain food— ice cream, French fries, choco­late— reach for these es­sen­tial oils

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Con­stant Crav­ings? When you can’t stop think­ing about cer­tain foods, just reach for these es­sen­tial oils.

Spring is in the air, bring­ing with it warmer weather, beau­ti­ful blooms— and thoughts about how we’re go­ing to look in those swim­suits in a cou­ple months. If you’ve man­aged to pick up a few pounds over the win­ter, es­sen­tial oil aro­mather­apy can help you get back into shape.

When you’re tired or stressed, you are more likely to reach for un­healthy snacks. Smelling cer­tain es­sen­tial oils found to curb ap­petite and pro­voke alert­ness and en­ergy in the brain can help thwart those crav­ings and also help you to think more clearly. In ad­di­tion, some es­sen­tial oils work with the body’s en­docrine sys­tem to still hunger pangs and give the me­tab­o­lism a lit­tle boost.

While we all know that eff ec­tive weight con­trol must in­clude some com­bi­na­tion of diet and ex­er­cise, aro­mather­apy can com­bat the stress as­so­ci­ated with the bat­tle of the bulge, and be an en­joy­able com­po­nent to a life­style that fo­cuses on clean eat­ing and healthy fi tness. Here are our fa­vorite es­sen­tial oils for weight loss:

Cit­rus Oils for Crav­ings & Mood­i­ness

Berg­amot ( Cit­rus bergamia), or Ital­ian or­ange es­sen­tial oil: Known for its spicy cit­rus note, berg­amot helps al­le­vi­ate de­pres­sion, and may help if emo­tional eat­ing is un­der­min­ing your clean eat­ing pro­gram. Stud­ies re­port that berg­amot re­duces the pro­duc­tion of cor­ti­sol, which has also been linked to the in­abil­ity to drop stub­born belly fat. Diff use the es­sen­tial oil dur­ing par­tic­u­larly stress­ful times to help you avoid mind­less nib­bling.

Grape­fruit ( Cit­rus par­a­disi): Stud­ies have dis­cov­ered that this es­sen­tial oil not only pro­vides a mood lift with its sweet aroma, it also con­tains a nat­u­ral com­pound, nootka­tone, that acts to con­trol me­tab­o­lism. Sim­ply in­hal­ing this bright cit­rus oil can halt food crav­ings and give you a burst of much- needed en­ergy.

Lemon ( Cit­rus limon): Es­sen­tial oil of lemon is a mood bright­ener. Just think of the zest of cit­rus and it makes sense— who doesn’t perk up af­ter a re­fresh­ing glass of OJ or a squeeze of tart lemon in cool spring wa­ter? Two con­stituents in lemon es­sen­tial oil pack a pow­er­ful punch to fat cells, while also eas­ing pain in achy mus­cles. Add a few drops to your sports balm to re­lieve mus­cles sore from ex­er­cise.

Ju­niper & Cy­press for Wa­ter Re­ten­tion

Woodsy ju­niper ( Ju­nipe­rus com­mu­nis) and cy­press ( Cu­pres­sus sem­per­virens): These are pu­ri­fy­ing es­sen­tial oils that off er di­uretic benefi ts to help fl ush wa­ter weight. Com­bine with grape­fruit for an up­lift­ing aro­matic mas­sage blend that also helps break down cel­lulite.

Rose­mary & Pep­per­mint to Boost Me­tab­o­lism

Rose­mary ( Ros­mar­i­nus offi cinalis) and Pep­per­mint ( Men­tha piperita): These sa­vory culi­nary herbs en­hance fl avors and el­e­vate low moods, but their es­sen­tial oils are also pow­er­ful me­tab­o­lism boost­ers. One sci­en­tifi c study re­ports that pep­per­mint goes a step fur­ther to lower hunger lev­els when in­haled ev­ery two hours.

Spice Oils for Blood Sugar Bal­ance

Cin­na­mon ( Cin­namo­mum zey­lan­icum) and gin­ger ( Zin­giber offi cinale): These two es­sen­tial oils help re­duce infl am­ma­tion and reg­u­late blood sugar, both of which are vi­tal to suc­cess­ful weight loss. These oils also add warmth to mas­sage blends for a com­fort­ing, balanc­ing qual­ity.

Any of these es­sen­tial oils can be eff ec­tive in sup­press­ing ap­petite. Sim­ply open your fa­vorite and breathe deeply when the urge to overeat oc­curs. Or com­bine sev­eral for a sup­port­ive blend for your diff user, such as our Ap­petiteSup­press­ing Diff usion blend ( above).

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