Holis­tic Ther­a­pies for Skin Cancer

Better Nutrition - - CONTENT - BY MARK STEN­GLER, NMD

Mark Sten­gler, NMD, of­fers ad­vice from his book Out­side the Box Cancer

Ther­a­pies. Plus five sum­mer­time snack and health es­sen­tials, Py­c­nogenol for safe trav­els, and more.

The most com­mon type of cancer in­volves the skin. There are sev­eral types, in­clud­ing basal, squa­mous, Merkel, lym­phoma of the skin, Ka­posi’s sar­coma, and melanoma.

Melanoma ac­counts for less than one per­cent of skin cancer cases, but the vast ma­jor­ity of skin cancer deaths. An av­er­age of one per­son dies of melanoma every hour. An es­ti­mated 87,000 new cases of in­va­sive melanoma are di­ag­nosed in the U. S. each year, and an es­ti­mated 9,700 peo­ple die of melanoma an­nu­ally. As with all can­cers, early de­tec­tion at lower stages is crit­i­cal to achiev­ing bet­ter out­comes. The es­ti­mated five- year sur­vival rate for pa­tients whose melanoma is de­tected early is about 98 per­cent in the U. S. The sur­vival rate falls to 62 per­cent when the dis­ease reaches the lymph nodes, and 18 per­cent when the dis­ease metas­ta­sizes to dis­tant or­gans. Melanoma at any stage is a cancer that re­quires an ag­gres­sive “waste no time” ap­proach.

A mul­ti­prong ap­proach, in ad­di­tion to con­ven­tional treat­ments, can be eff ec­tive against melanoma. In­ter­mit­tent fast­ing cou­pled with a clean ( read: or­ganic), low- glycemic diet high in veg­eta­bles can help. You can also work with a holis­tic doc­tor on fol­low­ing a ke­to­genic diet.

There are some unique an­ti­cancer sup­ple­ments that I rec­om­mend to help boost the im­mune sys­tem. These in­clude:

Fer­mented wheat germ ex­tract, 9 grams daily

Mod­i­fied cit­rus pectin ( MCP), 1,000– 2,000 mg, three times daily

Vi­ta­min A ( retinyl palmi­tate), 10,000– 15,000 IU daily with food

CoQ10 ( ubiquinone), 200 mg daily

Cur­cumin ex­tract, 1,000— 2000 mg, two to three times daily

Vi­ta­min D, 5,000 IU daily with a meal ( blood test­ing should con­firm a blood value of at least 50 ng/ ml)

CBD ex­tract, 25– 50 mg of the ac­tive com­po­nent, two to three times daily

I also rec­om­mend high- dose in­tra­venous vi­ta­min C un­der the su­per­vi­sion of a holis­tic doc­tor for a stronger an­ti­cancer eff ect. This is usu­ally done one to two times per week for a to­tal of 15– 20 treat­ments.

One in­ter­est­ing note is that hy­pothy­roidism is more preva­lent among pa­tients with melanoma. Talk to your doc­tor about op­ti­miz­ing your thy­roid func­tion through nu­tri­ents and/ or med­i­ca­tion.

Mark Sten­gler, NMD,

is a li­censed naturopathic med­i­cal doc­tor in pri­vate prac­tice in Encini­tas, Calif. He is the coau­thor of the best­selling book Out­side the Box Cancer Ther­a­pies ( Hay House, 2018).

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