Sum­mer Skin Hy­dra­tion

These light gels and creams pro­vide just the right amount of mois­ture.


Mois­tur­iz­ing is an es­sen­tial daily sk­in­care step for ev­ery skin type all year round. Be­lieve or not, the warm, moist air of sum­mer can be just as dam­ag­ing to skin as cold, dry­ing win­ter winds.

A few drops of fa­cial oil con­tain­ing ar­gan, rose­hip seed, jo­joba, or co­conut oils will soak into dry or com­bi­na­tion skin and leave no residue. These oils help bal­ance your skin’s own oil pro­duc­tion and let pores breathe. Oils have the abil­ity to pen­e­trate the skin like a serum, in­stead of sit­ting on top like a mois­tur­izer. They trap mois­ture and help block dirt and pol­lu­tion that clog pores.

“Beauty oils not only heal and nour­ish the skin, they leave a light, re­flec­tive glow, which is the ‘ in’ look,” says Rose- Marie Swift, makeup artist and founder of the non­toxic and nu­tri­tive cos­met­ics line, RMS Beauty, who re­cently pre­sented a clean beauty sem­i­nar at Colur Stu­dios in Charleston, S. C. “Most oils in their pure form are an­tibac­te­rial, which is a great ben­e­fit when the weather is warm,” she says.

Dry or com­bi­na­tion skin that needs a boost of nu­tri­tion will also ben­e­fit from a light lo­tion. Although gels have the high­est wa­ter con­tent, and oils are usu­ally rich in vi­ta­min E, lo­tions tend to have the most cor­rec­tive ben­e­fits, es­pe­cially if they have added UV pro­tec­tion.

Oily and acne- prone skin won’t clog up with gel mois­tur­iz­ers. These wa­ter- or aloe- based hy­dra­tors ab­sorb quickly, feel re­fresh­ing, and lock in mois­ture so your pores won’t suf­fo­cate even on the most hu­mid days.

1 Hit re­fresh with AN­NEMARIE BÖRLIND Nat­u­ral Beauty Aqua­na­ture Hyaluronate Creme Sor­bet. Aloe vera, botan­i­cal hyaluronic acid, and pa­pyrus and marine plant ex­tracts in this light, creamy gel pro­vide de­hy­drated skin with in­ten­sive mois­ture. An­tiox­i­dants, plus jo­joba and olive oils, pro­tect skin and im­prove its ca­pa­bil­ity to re­gen­er­ate.

2 Get your glow on with Derma• E Es­sen­tials Il­lu­mi­nat­ing Rose­hip & Cran­berry Face Oil. This blend of rose­hip, cran­berry, or­ganic pump­kin seed, sea buck­thorn, co­conut, and sun­flower seed oils hy­drates, re­ju­ve­nates, and bright­ens skin. It ab­sorbs quickly and can be used alone or as a base un­der sun­screen and makeup.

3 Re­duce wrin­kles while you mois­tur­ize your skin with Mad Hip­pie Face Cream. This light­weight hy­dra­tor is packed with skin- smooth­ing pep­tides and an­tiox­i­dants, in­clud­ing CoQ10, resver­a­trol, green tea, pome­gran­ate, and açai berry. Co­conut and ar­gan oils mois­tur­ize with­out leav­ing you shiny.

4 Feed your skin with Nour­ish Or­ganic Light­weight Mois­tur­iz­ing Face Lo­tion. Moroc­can ar­gan oil hy­drates and re­plen­ishes dry skin, while rose­wa­ter evens skin tone and tex­ture, and shea but­ter locks in mois­ture and im­proves elas­tic­ity. Vi­ta­mins and an­tiox­i­dants re­plen­ish es­sen­tial skin nutri­ents and boost de­fenses for healthy- look­ing skin.

5 Keep it light with EO Hy­drat­ing Face Mois­tur­izer. Snow al­gae, which thrive in ex­treme en­vi­ron­ments in the Swiss Alps, have been proven to stim­u­late col­la­gen pro­duc­tion, im­prove hy­dra­tion, and smooth wrin­kles. Tsub­aki oil re­duces fine lines and wrin­kles, re­stores skin tex­ture, and evens skin tone. Ar­gan and car­rot seed oils and co­coa and mango seed but­ters heal dry skin.

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