Bet­ter Nu­tri­tion in the 1980s

Mar­i­lyn and Har­vey Di­a­mond rocked the nu­tri­tion world in 1985 with their ground- break­ing book Fit for Life.


Mar­i­lyn and Har­vey Di­a­mond were a hus­band- and- wife team* who rocked the nu­tri­tion world in 1985 with the re­lease of Fit for Life. The cou­ple’s ap­proach to nu­tri­tion cen­tered on one pre­vail­ing the­ory: it’s not what you eat, but when and how you eat it.

"Food Com­bin­ing is based on the dis­cov­ery that cer­tain com­bi­na­tions

of food may be di­gested with greater ease and effi ciency than oth­ers,” say the au­thors. “The hu­man body is not de­signed to di­gest more than one con­cen­trated food in the stom­ach at the same time.”

What’s a con­cen­trated food? Any­thing other than fruits and veg­eta­bles. This means mix­ing pro­teins with starches is off lim­its, and con­sum­ing starches with other starches is not a good idea; how­ever, the Di­a­monds al­low for some lee­way with starches, as carbs are eas­ier than pro­tein to di­gest, they say.

Food com­bin­ing may have fallen out of fa­vor, but Fit for Life’s fo­cus on eat­ing more fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles is as rel­e­vant to­day as 33 years ago.

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