What are some of the most ver­sa­tile adap­to­gens?

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Nervines are in­cred­i­bly ver­sa­tile. And goji berries are, too. They have a pleas­ant taste, so they’re re­ally sweet and mild. You can get them in a dried or pow­dered form. And they’re re­ally great to use in a num­ber of recipes. You can sub­sti­tute them any­time you use raisins in a bak­ing recipe, for ex­am­ple. Not only do they have the usual adap­to­gen qual­i­ties, but they’re an over­all tonic that sup­ports the im­mune sys­tem. They’re pro­tec­tive of the liver, which, con­sid­er­ing all of the toxic chem­i­cals we come into con­tact with on a daily ba­sis and the stress we un­dergo, our liver can be over­bur­dened. So goji berries can be re­ally help­ful. They’re also a nu­tri­tive herb ( mean­ing) they are es­pe­cially food- like in nu­tri­tion.

Schisan­dra is an­other one that I con­sider to be one of the most ver­sa­tile. It’s an­other berry, but it has a very reso- nant, un­usual taste for a berry. It’s also called five- fla­vor berry be­cause it has such a com­plex fla­vor. Again, it’s a nervine, so you’re go­ing to have that whole adap­to­gen sup­port pack­age— but with an em­pha­sis on emo­tional well- be­ing and cog­ni­tive sup­port. It has this unique abil­ity to help pro­mote calm­ness. Us­ing it dur­ing the day can help in­som­nia at night.

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