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A new study pub­lished in the jour­nal BMJ Open shows that even mod­er­ate caf­feine con­sump­tion— for ex­am­ple, one to two cups of cof­fee per day— may be a bad idea dur­ing preg­nancy.

As part of the Nor­we­gian Mother and Child Co­hort Study, re­searchers from Sahlgren­ska Academy, in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Nor­we­gian In­sti­tute of Public Health, ex­am­ined in­for­ma­tion from 50,943 women and found that chil­dren born to moth­ers who con­sumed caf­feine dur­ing preg­nancy were more likely to be over­weight at preschool and school age. At age five, for in­stance, the share of chil­dren who were over­weight or obese was five per­cent greater in the group whose moth­ers had the high­est caf­feine con­sump­tion, com­pared to those whose moth­ers had the low­est caf­feine in­take. The re­searchers in­cluded dif­fer­ent sources of caf­feine in the study, in­clud­ing cof­fee, black tea, and en­ergy drinks.

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