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The chronic stress of mod­ern life aff ects both our phys­i­cal and emo­tional states. The Cen­ters for Dis­ease Con­trol and Preven­tion ( CDC) re­ports that one- fourth to one- third of Amer­i­cans feel high lev­els of stress at work, and on top of that, Amer­i­cans are work­ing 8 per­cent more than they did just 20 years ago.

When you ex­pe­ri­ence too much stress for too long, it be­comes chronic, and you could be suff er­ing from some­thing called adrenal fa­tigue. The adrenal glands are in charge of the body’s four ma­jor stress hor­mones: cor­ti­sol, DHEA, adren­a­line, and nor­ep­i­neph­rine. When the body is in a state of con­stant stress, the adrenal glands can be­come over­worked, and over time they can then be­come un­der­ac­tive or fatigued. Com­mon signs of adrenal fa­tigue in­clude tired­ness, weight gain, crav­ings, trou­ble sleep­ing, de­creased im­mu­nity to com­mon ail­ments, and brain fog. Try th­ese sim­ple life­style changes to sup­port your adrenal glands.

Elim­i­nate caff eine af­ter 11 a. m. Aim for 8 hours of sleep per night. Take a brisk 20- minute walk daily. Reach out to your sup­port net­work. Try di­aphrag­matic breath­ing.

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