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So, what are fl ower essences, ex­actly? Well, it is diffi cult to cat­e­go­rize the Bach Flower Sys­tem, but it is an en­er­getic heal­ing method sim­i­lar to homeopa­thy, in which essences infl uence the emo­tional en­ergy sys­tem rather than the phys­i­cal body. Flower essences fo­cus on the “dishar­monies,” or neg­a­tive be­hav­ioral pat­terns. There are 38 Bach Flower Reme­dies to choose from that ad­dress an array of feel­ings, emo­tions, and be­hav­iors. Give this sub­tle heal­ing treat­ment a try by putting 2– 3 drops of your cho­sen essence di­rectly on your tongue or into a glass of wa­ter. Two stand­outs for de­pres­sion: Sweet Chest­nut and Mus­tard.

Bach Flower Reme­dies Sweet Chest­nut & Mus­tard

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