11 Im­mune Health All- Stars

Sur­rounded by sick peo­ple at the of­fice? Com­ing down with a cold? Trav­el­ing a lot? Here are 11 awe­some im­mune- boost­ing prod­ucts to help you side­step ill­ness all sea­son long

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These po­tent nat­u­ral prod­ucts can help keep you well this coldand- flu sea­son. Plus, a look at col­loidal sil­ver, an old rem­edy gain­ing new­found pop­u­lar­ity.

Amer­i­can Health Pro­bi­otic CD

You may think of them for di­ges­tive well­ness, but pro­bi­otics are equally im­por­tant for main­tain­ing a strong im­mune sys­tem, most of which re­sides in your gut. For a daily sup­ple­ment, we like Amer­i­can Health Pro­bi­otic CD. This 10- strain for­mula fea­tures BIO- tract, a process that al­lows pro­bi­otics to with­stand stom­ach acid and reach the in­testi­nal tract un­harmed.

Es­sen­tial For­mu­las Reg’Ac­tiv Im­mune & Vi­tal­ity

Glu­tathione is one of the most im­por­tant an­tiox­i­dants in the body. Es­sen­tial For­mu­las Reg’Ac­tiv Im­mune & Vi­tal­ity con­tains a unique pro­bi­otic strain, Lac­to­bacil­lus fer­men­tum ME- 3, that helps boost your body’s stores of glu­tathione for bet­ter im­mune func­tion and in­creased en­ergy.

Flora Elder­berry Crys­tals

Elder­berry shines as an im­mune aid, thanks to its high an­tiox­i­dant con­tent and an­tivi­ral and an­tibac­te­rial prop­er­ties. Flora Elder­berry Crys­tals are a tasty way to benefi t from this healing herb. Add to smooth­ies, juices, or your fa­vorite bev­er­age. Elder­berry is the only in­gre­di­ent here, and there’s no added sugar.

Ky­olic Im­mune For­mula 103

Look­ing for a well- rounded im­mune health for­mula? Ky­olic Im­mune For­mula 103 blends Aged Gar­lic Ex­tract, a nat­u­ral an­timi­cro­bial, with nu­tri­ents known for their im­mune- sup­port­ive prop­er­ties: medic­i­nal mush­rooms, as­tra­galus, oregano, olive leaf, and vi­ta­min C.

LivOn Labs Lypo- Spheric Vi­ta­min C

Vi­ta­min C and a hearty im­mune sys­tem go hand in hand. What you might not re­al­ize is that your body needs ex­tra C dur­ing times of ill­ness or stress. LivOn Labs Lypo- Spheric Vi­ta­min C de­liv­ers 1,000 mg of vi­ta­min C right into your blood­stream and your cells for fast up­take. It’s made us­ing li­po­so­mal tech­nol­ogy, in which vi­ta­min C mol­e­cules are en­cased in li­po­somes to avoid degra­da­tion from di­ges­tive acids.

Mush­room Wis­dom Maitake D- Frac­tion EZ Spray

For mega im­mune pro­tec­tion, think maitake. This medic­i­nal mush­room has been used for thou­sands of years to sup­port im­mune health and pro­tect against viruses and other mi­crobes. Mush­room Wis­dom Maitake D- Frac­tion EZ Spray is a con­cen­trated source of maitake. Carry it with you for a daily im­mune boost.

Wed­der­spoon Manuka Honey Plus Im­mu­nity But­ters

Snack your way to stronger im­mu­nity with Wed­der­spoon Manuka Honey Plus Im­mu­nity But­ters, in­fused with an­tiox­i­dantrich New Zealand Manuka Honey and cold- and fl u- pre­ven­tive reme­dies, such as vi­ta­min C, elder­berry, and bee propo­lis. Choose from Elder­berry with Wa­ter­melon Seed­but­ter and Tart Cherry with Sunfl ower Seed­but­ter. These taste great spread on toast— the per­fect im­mune­for­ti­fy­ing break­fast.

Sol­stice Medicine Com­pany Yin Chiao

Did you wake up with a sore throat or that achy, run- down feel­ing? Pick up a box of Sol­stice Medicine Com­pany Yin Chiao ( Chieh Tu Pien). This po­tent blend of nine Chi­nese herbs helps power up your im­mune sys­tem and fi ght off cold and fl u symp­toms for a speedy re­cov­ery. Use at the fi rst sign of ill­ness.

WishGar­den Herbs Kick- Ass Im­mune Ac­ti­va­tor

The name says it all. Care­fully crafted by herbal­ists, WishGar­den Herbs Kick- Ass Im­mune Ac­ti­va­tor con­tains pow­er­house herbs that you might not see in other im­mune prod­ucts, in­clud­ing bap­tista, yerba santa, and osha. You’ll also fi nd tried- and- true fa­vorites like gold­enseal and echi­nacea. Use it as a front­line de­fense against ill­ness.

Na­ture’s An­swer Sam­bu­cus Kids

If you fi nd it chal­leng­ing to give your chil­dren any kind of medicine, you ( and your kids!) will love Na­ture’s An­swer Sam­bu­cus Kids. It’s a tasty, nat­u­ral syrup de­signed to help treat and pre­vent colds, fl u, and other res­pi­ra­tory in­fec­tions. An­tivi­ral elder­berry is paired with im­mune­sup­port­ive echi­nacea and as­tra­galus in this no- sugar- added for­mula.

Sov­er­eign Sil­ver Bio- Ac­tive Sil­ver Hy­drosol

Fans of this an­tibac­te­rial and an­tivi­ral rem­edy swear by it for ev­ery­thing from cold re­lief to si­nus in­fec­tions to fl u preven­tion. Sov­er­eign Sil­ver Bio- Ac­tive Sil­ver Hy­drosol is a safe, eff ec­tive form of the metal that’s been refi ned to pro­duce a small par­ti­cle size, which trans­lates to bet­ter ab­sorp­tion and ex­cre­tion from the body.

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