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We asked a hand­ful of sup­ple­ment, food, and nat­u­ral beauty com­pa­nies— many of which have been in busi­ness for years— to share a pop­u­lar prod­uct from their early days, along with a cur­rent best­seller, or hot new prod­uct. Here’s a fun glance back— and an ex­cit­ing look at the present trends.


Alaf­fia was founded by a hus­band- and- wife team who wanted to help women in Togo, Africa find work and pros­per. One of the first— and still most pop­u­lar— prod­ucts is their Un­scented Shea But­ter, made with fair trade shea but­ter. To­day, the com­pany has a full line of per­sonal care prod­ucts, in­clud­ing Un­re­fined Shea But­ter in Laven­der Mint.


Still fam­ily owned to­day, this Illi­nois- based com­pany started out with Dolomite Tablets, a min­eral made up of cal­cium mag­ne­sium car­bon­ate. To­day, Su­per En­zymes are one of NOW’s top- sell­ing prod­ucts. This com­pre­hen­sive blend of en­zymes helps break down fats, car­bo­hy­drates, and pro­tein in foods.

Amer­i­can Health

Che­w­able Orig­i­nal Pa­paya En­zyme is a long­time fa­vorite of health food store shop­pers. The pack­ag­ing has changed slightly, but this award- win­ning prod­uct re­mains the same— an “af­ter meal” tablet made with pa­paya fruit and en­zymes.

Pa­cific Re­sou rces

100% Raw Cer­ti­fied Multi Flora Honey came first for Pa­cific Re­sources, which now has a full line of prod­ucts fea­tur­ing New Zealand Manuka honey, in­clud­ing best­seller Manuka Honey 20+.

Doc­tor’s Best

The com­pany started with Ul­tra Gug­gu­low, fea­tur­ing gum gug­gul ex­tract, an Ayurvedic herb that is used to pro­mote heart health and lower choles­terol. One of their most pop­u­lar prod­ucts to­day? Glu­cosamine Chon­droitin MSM with Op­tiMSM for to­tal joint health.


Created by a doc­tor to help his pa­tients com­bat si­nus and al­lergy prob­lems, Xlear Nat­u­ral Sa­line Nasal Spray ( orig­i­nally called just Xlear) is made with the sugar al­co­hol xyl­i­tol, which helps ease con­ges­tion and help pre­vent bac­te­ria and viruses from stick­ing to nasal pas­sages.

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