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Do you get sore, tight mus­cles when you shop un­til you drop or when you carry heavy bags while trav­el­ing? Pills and pow­ders that you take in­ter­nally can help. But, for more im­me­di­ate relief, you may pre­fer th­ese ex­ter­nal ways of get­ting mag­ne­sium di­rectly on your sore spots.

TAKE EP­SOM SALTS BATHS. Add sev­eral cups of Ep­som salts ( mag­ne­sium sul­fate) into a warm tub of wa­ter and en­joy a good long soak to soothe achy mus­cles. TRY TOP­I­CAL MAG­NE­SIUM OILS OR SPRAYS. Th­ese prod­ucts al­low you to de­liver mag­ne­sium di­rectly to sore mus­cles to help the mus­cles re­lax. Some peo­ple use them as an al­ter­na­tive way to get mag­ne­sium into the body while by­pass­ing the di­ges­tive sys­tem.

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