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Win­ter Well­ness Food and sup­ple­ment prod­ucts that we’re ex­cited about this month.

Sour Stom­ach SOS

We’ve all been there, es­pe­cially dur­ing the hol­i­days: You eat too much and then pay for it later with an upset stom­ach, heart­burn, and/ or acid in­di­ges­tion. Get re­lief in min­utes with Coun­try Life Acid Res­cue. We’ve tried this out, and it re­ally works fast to set­tle di­ges­tive woes. This is a clean for­mula made with cal­cium car­bon­ate— think of it as a nat­u­ral al­ter­na­tive to Tums or Ro­laids. There’s no talc, corn starch, su­gar, or GMOs. Choose from Berry or Mint fla­vor.

A Mood Booster with Met­tle

KAL Lithium Oro­tate is a se­cret weapon in the bat­tle with de­pres­sion. This safe form of lithium dif­fers from pre­scrip­tion lithium ( lithium car­bon­ate and lithium cit­rate)— most no­tably, the dose is con­sid­er­ably less than the drug. While there isn’t much re­search on lithium oro­tate, anec­do­tal re­ports show that it may help boost mood, al­le­vi­ate stress, and en­hance mem­ory and en­ergy. This ad­vanced for­mula fea­tures Ac­tivMelt In­stant Dis­solve tech­nol­ogy for fast up­take. The mi­cro tablets come in Lemon Lime fla­vor.

An­tivi­ral Herbs to the Res­cue

There’s never a good time to get sick, but it seems es­pe­cially un­wel­come dur­ing the busy hol­i­day sea­son. Pro­tect your­self against viruses, al­le­vi­ate stress, and re­plen­ish your Qi ( life force) with Redd Reme­dies IM­MUNE Vrl Pro. Adap­to­genic and im­mune- sup­port­ive herbs— as­tra­galus, eleuthero, el­der­berry, gin­ger, and licorice— help bal­ance your body, in­clud­ing healthy res­pi­ra­tory func­tion. Ev­ery batch of this non- GMO for­mula un­der­goes third- party test­ing.

Soap (& Scrub) Up

Ready for a treat? Pacha Soap Whipped Soap + Scrub is a dreamy blend of cleans­ing co­conut oil; skin- smooth­ing pumice; ex­fo­li­at­ing or­ganic, fair trade su­gar; and re­vi­tal­iz­ing es­sen­tial oils. Use it daily as a soap/ body wash and foot and body scrub. Bonus: Pacha Soap pur­chases help fuel clean- wa­ter ini­tia­tives, small- scale soap shops, and other sus­tain­able ven­tures in de­vel­op­ing coun­tries. Choose from a va­ri­ety of scents, in­clud­ing Vanilla Al­mond and Co­conut Pa­paya.

Sweet as Honey

Love honey and maple syrup but not the calo­ries and high su­gar con­tent? Here’s a sweet find: Pyure Su­gar Free Or­ganic Honey Al­ter­na­tive and Su­gar Free Or­ganic Maple Fla­vored Syrup are made with ste­via, ery­thri­tol, and tapi­oca fiber— and they taste re­mark­ably like real honey and maple syrup with a frac­tion of the calo­ries and no su­gar. Each is a source of gut- friendly pre­bi­otics. Add the honey to tea or spread on toast. Driz­zle the maple syrup over oat­meal, waf­fles, and pan­cakes.

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