Nour­ish­ing the Home and Body

De­signer Jen­nifer Adams, author of Love Com­ing Home, of­fers sen­si­ble tips for achiev­ing well- be­ing— one room at a time

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She’s in­spired health­ier sleep and hap­pier awak­en­ings with her sig­na­ture Home line of high- qual­ity sheet sets, mat­tresses, and other re­sort- wor­thy prod­ucts. Now award- win­ning de­signer Jen­nifer Adams shares how even small de­sign tweaks in any room can help us cre­ate a well­ness­boost­ing liv­ing space in her invit­ing new book, Love Com­ing Home: Trans­form Your En­vi­ron­ment. Trans­form Your Life.

“Small changes shift the way we feel in our home. And if we feel bet­ter in our home, I think our en­tire lives im­prove,” Adams says. “No mat­ter where you are— even a room you are rent­ing, or shared space— when you shift the en­vi­ron­ment in your home, it helps boost your level of hap­pi­ness. And re­ally be­ing in­ten­tional with a healthy home en­vi­ron­ment is key.”

This is achiev­able even on a small bud­get, she adds. “Of­ten­times we think if we can’t aff ord to change the vis­ual, we can’t do any­thing about our en­vi­ron­ment, that we’re just stuck with the way it is. But there are so many other el­e­ments, like your sense of smell, your sense of touch, your sense of hear­ing, your in­tu­ition— even your food en­vi­ron­ment with your sense of taste— that play a role in how your home func­tions. And when you pay at­ten­tion to all of the el­e­ments in your body as they re­late to your home, you just don’t have the same ag­i­ta­tion level that you might have. And your home be­comes a sanc­tu­ary and a place where you truly can re­lax, de­com­press, cel­e­brate— have ev­ery kind of emo­tion— and feel more sup­ported.”

Why is a mind­ful eat­ing space vi­tal— and how can we start to cre­ate one?

The food we take into our bod­ies af­fects us. That’s a sci­en­tific, med­i­cal fact. When we don’t have a des­ig­nated place to sit and eat mind­fully— and we’re stand­ing over the sink or we’re sit­ting on the sofa with a plate, shov­el­ing food into our mouth— we’re not re­ally be­ing in­ten­tional about the food we’re putting into our body. We’re just try­ing to shove it down and get food into our sys­tem. If the only place you have to eat is your sofa or your bed, you can get a stand- up tray or a small end ta­ble that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. It’s a place to put your plate down, and it al­lows you to bal­ance your uten­sils and take a pause be­tween bites.

Which, of course, al­lows you to taste your food and feel full with­out overeat­ing.

Ex­actly. And if you have a home that has a din­ing room or a dinette ta­ble or a des­ig­nated ta­ble, pay at­ten­tion to the col­ors and sounds that are in that room. ( Cer­tain col­ors) and the loud sounds that let you into that room will help you eat fast. Look at the restau­rants that are try­ing to get you in and out, and the en­vi­ron­ment’s loud and the col­ors are bright and vi­brant. Ver­sus if you’re in a spa where they’re hardly giv­ing you any food, the mu­sic is so soft, and the color tones are very pale and muted, and it causes you to slow down and be in­ten­tional with the foods you bring to your body. Also, your abil­ity to con­trol your light­ing— by putting a dim­mer on your light switch, for ex­am­ple— and hav­ing dif­fer­ent light sources to il­lu­mi­nate your space helps you cre­ate dif­fer­ent moods for your eat­ing en­vi­ron­ment.

How can we keep hol­i­day munchies at a healthy dis­tance in the kitchen?

The way we dis­play our food is very im­por­tant. I have some cheat foods in my home, but I make them spe­cial. I don’t have them just sit­ting on my counter or on my first shelf when I open up where I store my food. I have them in a sep­a­rate con­tainer so that I have to phys­i­cally open the con­tainer ver­sus just reach­ing my hand into a bag. So I’m mind­ful in giv­ing my­self per­mis­sion to eat this snack with in­ten­tion, ver­sus hav­ing it read­ily avail­able so it’s the first thing I grab when I get home.

“No mat­ter where you are— even a room you are rent­ing, or shared space— when you shift the en­vi­ron­ment in your home, it helps boost your level of hap­pi­ness,” says Adams.

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