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CRAN­BERRY EX­TRACTS: To pre­vent or treat UTIs, take an ex­tract in tablets or cap­sules; dosages vary for dif­fer­ent ex­tracts.

CRAN­BERRY JUICE: Stud­ies have typ­i­cally tested 1– 2 glasses per day of a juice. To avoid su­gar over­load, look for a juice sweet­ened with nat­u­ral, su­gar- free sweet­en­ers, or an unsweet­ened juice if you like the tart fla­vor.

FRESH, DRIED, OR FREEZE- DRIED CRAN­BER­RIES: All con­tain ben­e­fi­cial an­tiox­i­dants and are a healthy ad­di­tion to any diet.

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